1841 Lambourne Essex Census


I have endeavoured to make this transcription as accurate as possible. If anyone reading it notices a mistake, or has information that would shed light on any of the entries I was unable to read, I would be very grateful for your input. 

See the extract of the 'Directions to enumerators' below to understand how ages were recorded and what abreivations might mean.


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Selected extracts from the
 DIRECTIONS  to the enumerators of the 1841 Census.
Regarding age.      
"Age and Sex." --- Write the age of each person opposite to the name in one of the two columns headed "Males" and Females," according to the sex.
Write the age of every person under 15 years of age as it is stated to you. For persons aged 15 years and upwards, write the lowers of the term of 5 years within the age is.
Thus --- for Persons aged 15 years and under 20 write 15 35 years and under 40 write 35 55 years and under 60 write 55
20 years and under 25 write 20 40 years and under 45 write 40 60 years and under 65 write 60
25 years and under 30 write 25 45 years and under 50 write 45 65 years and under 70 write 65
30 years and under 40 write 25 50 years and under 50 write 45 70 years and under 75 write 70
and so on up to the greatest ages.    
If no more can be ascertained respecting the age of any person than that the person is a child or is a grown up, write " under 20," or " above 20," as the case may be.
Regarding acceptable abbreviations.    
“Profession, Trade, Employment, or of Independent Means.” --- Men, or widows, or single women, having no profession or calling, but living on their means, may be inserted as independent, which may be written shortly thus “ Ind
The profession, &c., of wives, or of sons or daughters living with their husbands or parents, and assisting them, but not apprenticed or receiving wages, need not be set down.
All persons serving in Her Majesty’s Land service as officers or privates in the Line, Cavalry, Engineers, or Artillery, may be entered as “ Army,” without any statement of their rank, adding “ H.P.” for Half-Pay and “ P.” for Pensioner
All persons belonging to Her Majesty’s Sea service, including Marines, may be entered as “ Navy,” adding “ H.P.” for Half-pay, and “ P.” for Pensioner.
All domestic servants may be entered as “ M.S.” for Male Servant, or “ F.S.” for Female Servant, without statement of their particular duties, as whether butler, groom, gardner, housekeeper, cook, &c., &c.
Insert all other profession, trades, or employments, as they are described by the parties, or by others on their behalf, writing “ J.” for Journeyman, “ Ap.” for Apprentice , and “ Sh.” for Shopman, after the statement of the trade of those who are such.  “ Master” need not be inserted; every one will so be considered who is not entered as journeyman or apprentice.
Time may be saved by writing the following words, shortly thus, “ M.” for Manufacturer, “ m.” for Maker, as “ Shoe m.” for Shoemaker, “ Cl.” For Clerk,  “ Ag. Lab.” For Agricultural labourer, which may include all farming servants and labourers in husbandry.  Use no other marks or abbreviations but those herein allowed.
Rank, or any such term as “ Esq.” Or “ Gentleman,” must not be entered in this column.