Richard Spiers Male

Comments: Township :- Dumbleton
Name                     Relation to   Condition  Age     Rank or Profession   Where Born
          Head of
Richard Spires      Head           Mar              45         Ag Lab               Gloucestershire Ashton Underhill
Sarah Spires      Wife           Mar             43      Glove Maker               Gloucestershire Dumbleton
Ann Spires             Daur           Un             21      Servant                       Gloucestershire Dumbleton
Hannah Spires      Daur           Un               18      Servant                       Gloucestershire Dumbleton
Ellen Maria Spires Daur            Un            10      Scholar                       Gloucestershire Dumbleton
Jemima Spires       Daur                              7      Scholar                       Gloucestershire Dumbleton
Amanda Spires      Daur                              1                                          Gloucestershire Dumbleton
Elvina Spires          Grand                          1m                                         Gloucestershire Dumbleton

Richard's Family

Spouse: Sarah Pooley (Married 3-Nov-1835)
Children: Richard Spiers, George Spiers, George Frederic Spiers, Ann Pulley Spiers, Anna Celena Spiers, William Spiers, Frances Spiers, Ellen Maria Spiers, Leonard Spiers, Jemima Spiers, Amanda Spiers

Richard's Heritage

Parents: John Spiers, Sarah Baldwin
Siblings: Fanny Spiers, Elizabeth Spiers, Esther Spiers, Ann Spiers, Josiah Spiers, William Spiers