David Mowatt Male

Died: 3-Nov-1909    

Comments: Date of Birth calculated from Death Record
Dwelling:    187 So Wellington St
    Census Place:    Govan, Lanark, Scotland
    Source:    FHL Film 0203671     GRO Ref    Volume 644-11    EnumDist 52    Page 1
    Marr    Age    Sex    Birthplace
David MOWAT    M    39     M    Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
    Rel:    Head
    Occ:    Letterpress Printer Pressman
Cathrine MOWAT    M    35     F    Campsie, Stirling, Scotland
    Rel:    Wife
    Occ:    Letterpress Printer Pressman Wife
John MOWAT    U    16     M    Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
    Rel:    Son
    Occ:    Printer Compositor App
Cathrine Jane MOWAT    U    14     F    Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
    Rel:    Daughter
    Occ:    Sewing Machinist
David MOWAT    U    12     M    Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
    Rel:    Son
    Occ:    Scholar
James MOWAT    U    10     M    Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
    Rel:    Son
    Occ:    Scholar
Robert MOWAT         6     M    Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
    Rel:    Son
Elizabeth MOWAT         1     F    Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
    Rel:    Daughter
Address 72 South Wellington Street Govan Glasgow
Name                       Relation    Cond  Age    Occupation                   Place of Birth
David Mowatt             Head      Mar      49      Letterpress Printer      Lanarkshire-Glasgow
Catherine Mowatt      Wife        Mar      47                                             Lanarkshire-Glasgow
Catherine McKenzie Dau        Mar      24                                             Lanarkshire-Glasgow
David Mowatt             Son        UNm    22      Vertical Borer              Lanarkshire-Glasgow
Elizabeth Mowatt       Dau                     11      Scholar                         Lanarkshire-Glasgow
Charles Mowatt         Son                        8      Scholar                         Lanarkshire-Glasgow
Cause of Death :- Carcinoma of Rectum 6 Months
Informant : - Cathrine Mowatt Widow (Her X Mark) Present
Father :- John Mowatt (Letterpress Printer) (Deceased)
Mother :- Margaret Mowatt Ms Jackson
See 1881census record

David's Family

Spouse: Catherine Drummond (Married 19-Sep-1862)
Children: John Mowatt, Catherine Jane Mowatt, David Mowatt, James Mowatt, Margret Mary Henderson Nairn Mowatt, Elizabeth Mowatt, Charles Donald Mowatt
After Banns according to the Forms of the Church of Scotland
David Mowatt Usual Residence 32 Spring Street Galsgow
Catherine Drummond Usual Residence 12 Rutherglen Road Glasgow

David's Heritage

Parents: John Mowatt, Margret Jackson
Siblings: John Mowatt