William John May and Annie Mary Spiers

Married 5-Jun-1900

Residence at time of Marriage :- William John May Chaddsley Corbett
                                                           Annie Mary Spiers Stoulton
Fathers :- George Spiers (Labourer), John May (Gardener)
Witnesses :- Thomas Spiers,  Mary Elizabeth Spiers, Jessie Alice Spiers

Husband:   William John May

Father: John May
Mother: Esther

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Edwin May       Grandson                         S             1 Mo                                        Worc Chaddesley. 1901 Census.
Census    County:- Worcester  Civil Parish :-  Chaddesley Corbett  Hamlet  :- Cakebole
Road or Street   Name        Relation   Condition  Age  Profession                           Where Born
Private House   John May      Head           W              65       General Labourer on Farm    Worc Chaddesley
                                  William May  Son           M              22       General Labourer on Farm    Worc Chaddesley
                Annie May    Daughter  M              26                      Worc Stolton
                                               in Law

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Wife:   Annie Mary Spiers

Born: 29-Jan-1875
Father: George Spiers
Mother: Elizabeth Dutton

Address :- Low Hill Stoulton
Father :- George Spiers (Shepard)
Mother :- Elizabeth Spiers (formally Dutton)

Male  Child 1:   Edwin May

Born: 1901

Chaddesley Corbett
Private House
Relation        Profession or
Name:        to head       Age    Occupation               Where Born    
John May    Head       65    General Labourer on Farm           Wors Chaddesley
William May    Son       22    General Labourer on Farm           Wors Chaddesley
Annie May    Daughter  26                       Wors Stolton
in Law
Edwin May    Grandson  1 Mth                       Wors Chaddesley