Thomas Spiers and Mary Neale

Married 15-Nov-1808

Husband:   Thomas Spiers

Died: 14-Oct-1840
Father: William Spiers
Mother: Sarah Wood


Wife:   Mary Neale



Male  Child 1:   John Spiers

Born: 29-Apr-1810


Male  Child 2:   Joseph Spiers

Spouse: Mary Ann Cook
Children: Mary Spiers, Thomas Spiers, George Spiers, Ann Spiers

Township :- Bricklehampton
Name                Relation to     Age     Rank or Profession   Where Born
                            head of

Joseph Spires    Head             46       Carter                        Gloucestershire Ashton Underhill
Thomas Spires    Son              17       Ag Lab                       Gloucestershire Ashton Underhill
George Spires     Son              14       Ag Lab                       Gloucestershire Ashton Underhill
Ann Spires           Daur             10                                           Gloucestershire Ashton Underhill

Female  Child 3:   Elizabeth Spiers

Spouse: Thomas Barnett
Children: William Barnett, Joseph Barnett, James Barnett, Charles Barnett, Martin Barnett, Martin Barnett, Jane Barnett, Ann Barnett

    Dwelling:    Ashton Under Hill
    Census Place:    Ashton Under Hill, Gloucester, England
    Source:    FHL Film 1341701     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 2924    Folio 11    Page 14
    Marr    Age    Sex    Birthplace
Elizebeth BARNETT    W    67     F    Ashton Under Hill, Gloucester, England
    Rel:    Head
    Occ:    No Occupation
Thomas BARNETT    U    39     M    Ashton Under Hill, Gloucester, England
    Rel:    Son
    Occ:    Ag Labourer
Jane BARNETT    U    27     F    Ashton Under Hill, Gloucester, England
    Rel:    Dau
    Occ:    Dressmaker
Amy BARNETT    U    25     F    Ashton Under Hill, Gloucester, England
    Rel:    Daur
    Occ:    Servant (Domestic)

Female  Child 4:   Mary Spiers

Spouse: Isaac Halling
Children: Caroline Halling, Ann Halling


Female  Child 5:   Sarah Spiers

Born: 21-Dec-1817


Male  Child 6:   Charles Spiers

Spouse: Mary Ann Ellery
Children: Betsy Spiers, Mary Spiers, Ann Spiers, Charles Spiers, Esther Spiers, Jane Spiers, Thomas Spiers, Charles Spiers, Sarah Spiers, Julia Spiers, William Spiers

1851 Census
BECKFORD 1851 CENSUS , Gloucestershire
P.R.O . Reference # HO 107/1971
Enumerator William Knight

SPIERS Charles 26 Agricultural Labourer Ashton\Hill
SPIERS Mary A 25 Agricultural Labourer Ashton \Hill
SPIERS Betsy 5 Beckford
SPIERS Mary 3 Ashton
SPIERS Ann 15m Ashton
SPIERS Sarah Sister 30 Agricultural Labourer Ashton

1881 Census
    Census Place:    Beckford, Gloucester, England
    Source:    FHL Film 1341618     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 2565    Folio 85    Page 13
    Marr    Age    Sex    Birthplace
Charles SPIERS    M    59     M    Ashton Under Hill, Gloucester, England
    Rel:    Head
    Occ:    Agl Labourer (Shepherd)
Mary Ann SPIERS    M    58     F    Ashton Under Hill, Gloucester, England
    Rel:    Wife
    Occ:    Agricultural Labourer
Charles SPIERS    U    23     M    Grafton, Gloucester, England
    Rel:    Son
    Occ:    Agricultural Labourer
William SPIERS    U    15     M    Grafton, Gloucester, England

Male  Child 7:   Thomas Spiers



Female  Child 8:   Esther Spiers